Re-Defining Conflict for Personal Transformation

Most of us think that we disagree over what we think, feel, and want.  In Mediating Dangerously, renowned author and mediator Kenneth Cloke writes that many conflicts — including the spectrum running from simple arguments through litigation — often have little or nothing to do with these issues. Re-examining how we define conflict has far…

Congratulations Sandy Robertson

Sandy Robertson Obtains a Summary Judgment Ruling in Client’s Favor

Sandy Robertson recently obtained a summary judgment ruling in their client’s favor where their client unknowingly purchased real property at a sheriff’s sale that never should have been executed upon and sold. After being embroiled in litigation for over a year, the court not only found in the client’s favor, but also awarded the client $33,838.57…

Non Competition Agreement at Huctison And Steffen Law Firm

Will Your Non-competition Agreement Stand Up to a Challenge?

In the last two years, Nevada courts and the Nevada legislature have made significant decisions regarding non-competition agreements. It is well known that courts view non-competition agreements with a higher degree of scrutiny than other kinds of agreements because of the seriousness of restricting an individual’s ability to earn an income. Only restrictions that are…

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