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U.S. Supreme Court Says Yes to Immediate Takings Claim

In a big change affecting property owners, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that people whose land is taken for public use without payment may, as soon as the property is taken, file federal lawsuits for constitutional violations of property rights. The high court revisited the question of whether property owners have standing to bring…

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Workers Can Sue Employer for Failing to Protect Personal Data

In a ruling that should make employers everywhere sit up and take notice, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently decided that workers could bring a negligence claim (in other words, a lawsuit alleging that they were hurt by their employer’s unreasonable carelessness) against their employer over a data breach that compromised their personal information. The case…

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Workplace Conflict: Trick or Treat?

Conflict is ubiquitous – it permeates all aspects of our lives. We all have needs, desires, and aspirations that are not always consistent with those of our colleagues, yet we live in a finite world with finite resources. Moreover, we are each unique, and have perceptions of the world that are filtered through our personal…

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Creating Workplace Safety in an Active Shooter Era

This article originally appeared in Nevada Business Magazine’s Legal Opinions Special Reports, October 1, 2019. We live in an active shooter era. Society increasingly sees mass shootings as commonplace. The workplace is far from immune from this broader trend. Since 2006, there have been 11 workplace mass killings—defined as four or more people killed— resulting…

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