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The Law Firm of Hutchison & Steffen represents trustees, banks, investment professionals, and private individuals who are involved in disputes concerning estates and trusts. The Firm's practice includes will contests, disputes over the distribution of trust assets, interpretation of instruments and the application of the law, the allocation of estate tax burden, and the modification of trusts. When appropriate, the Firm works closely with other trust and estate professionals to maximize the client's opportunities for a successful resolution of these disputes. Hutchison & Steffen's attorneys aggressively represent clients in a wide range of trust and probate litigation before probate, district, and federal courts in trial and on appeal. The Firm has successfully resolved disputes both in and out of court, and is experienced in litigating and resolving issues of undue influence, competency, fiduciary duties, and accounting. Cases run the full spectrum from million-dollar will contests to smaller family disputes.

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