Amethyst Payne, et al. v. State of Nevada, et al.

Second Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada

Case No. CV20-00755


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Special Master’s Report No. 2 – 7 MB

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On Thursday, August 20, 2020, the Honorable Judge Barry L. Breslow discharged Special Master, Jason D. Guinasso, Esq. of his duties to the Court.

Special Master Guinasso has gratefully received messages from applicants with information about their claims, and the Special Master included the information provided in his reports to the Court. However, Mr. Guinasso is no longer collecting applicant information and is not permitted to respond to applicant communications.

If you have further questions about your claim, please direct your questions to any one of the following:

Barbara Buckley
Former Assembly Speaker and Executive Director of Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada
Speaker Buckley is the leader of the Governor’s unemployment strike force.

Nevada Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation
Director’s Office
[email protected]
Or visit:


If you need legal advice or representation, please contact attorneys Mark Thierman or Leah Jones at: [email protected].