Amethyst Payne, et al. v. State of Nevada, et al.

Second Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada

Case No. CV20-00755


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Pursuant to NRCP 53, WDCR 24, and WDCR 25, the Honorable Judge Barry L. Breslow appointed the firm partner, Jason D. Guinasso, Esq., Special Master for the limited purpose of fact gathering, investigation, assessment of the process of the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR) responding to claims for unemployment and pandemic-related benefits, and providing answers to specific questions the Court presented. On June 24, 2020, the Court issued an Order to Show Cause Why Writ of Mandamus Should Not Issue. After briefing and a hearing, the Court identified several issues requiring further investigation before the Court renders a decision.

A Special Master’s duty is to the Court. He is not an advocate for or against any party or interest in this matter. The Special Master’s mandate in this matter is to provide the Court with information so that the Court can make competent legal conclusions and well-informed equitable decisions. The Special Master is not the decision-maker.

In furtherance of this responsibility, this office has gratefully received messages from applicants with information about their claims. However, as Special Master, Mr. Guinasso is not permitted to comment or respond to applicant communications. Your message will be saved for ongoing and future consideration as the Court directs him.

If you are a PUA claimant, please complete and submit the following form. It will be used to update a master list of all claimants.

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